Technology has evolved to a great extent today. In this 21st century, society encounters a range of proficiencies. Competencies such as critical thinking, problem-solving, structured cognition, technological literacy, civic responsibility, and global awareness have become important tools in commencing a wide array of professions.

Contextualised teaching is desirable for 21st-century learners. Employment given today is more user-friendly and digitalised, integrating ingenuity, originality and inventiveness. Among various profiles, the jobs listed below are expected to be in high demand in this Information Age.

Digital Content Specialists are responsible for the production and management of content for digital learning platforms. Collaborated teamwork…

Tips to build a sustainable business

A sustainable business is a marketing strategy following environmental interest and social commitment. Nowadays, when the climate crisis is at its peak, engaging in sustainable business is the best idea to contribute to nature and strengthen the world economy.

To generate long-term benefit from such types of businesses, it must incorporate economic, environmental, and social priorities within the company’s objectives, operations, and planning.

Sustainable Business Ideas: Let’s look at some of the best sustainable ideas to inherit in 2021.

  1. A business of producing eco-friendly cleaning products
  2. Sustainable event-planning agencies
  3. Organic food retailoring
  4. Opening eco-friendly…

Green Entrepreneurs: The Good Entrepreneurs

A green entrepreneur is someone who starts and runs an entrepreneurial venture designed to be green in its product and process from the moment it is set up. A need of the time initiative, an Erasmus report describes a green entrepreneur as someone who possesses entrepreneurs’ characteristics while addressing an environmental or social problem at the core of their business.

The green entrepreneurs must possess strong internal motivation while also having a heightened sensitivity to environmental problems. Their business activities should also have a net positive effect on the natural environment while financially independent. Today…

21st century skills and their importance to be successful in life. Image Credit: Unsplash

The 21st century is the century of innovation, development, and ideation. Trends in technology, education, and the economy are eventually steering towards automation. This revolutionisation of the world, especially in the realm of workplaces, implies that it has become crucial to prepare younger generations now, and in the near future with the instruments to thrive in the modern dynamic world.

When we talk of preparing the younger groups of people for advancing the global economy towards development, we refer to a certain set of skills to acquaint and train them with. These skills have proved to be of vital significance…

Self-care is crucial in these trying times!

As stress levels spike in the depressing situation of the current world, the need for self-care continues to gain voice. More and more people promote the need for focusing on ‘good things’. Though it is certainly hard to remain optimistic in current times, there are things, however minuscule, to feel blessed about if you think carefully.

Self-care is essentially the practice of certain activities that help better the well-being of oneself. It has been popular amongst today’s generation, owing to the busy, hectic world, and continues to grow in importance with current situations.

What should you keep in mind while constructing your SOP?

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the essential parts of the applying process that will help the admissions committee understand one’s academic objectives and goals. Some Universities may require one or more essays, while other universities make it choice-based. Most universities across the globe have a standard format.

Where to put your personal details?

Since your SOP is a part of your application, it will have your personal details by default. If it is required in the SOP, the university will mention in the requirement list.

Things to keep…

Who are the unsung heroes of the pandemic?

COVID-19 has led to such great realisations that never crossed our minds before. The whole world is going through the same stream of emotional turbulence and stress! The world has become deafeningly, quiet and numb.

Right from your milkman to the delivery executives, we are living off in comfort because of these unsung heroes. Vendors, plumbers, police, and service workers are working day and night at the frontlines of this pandemic battle, while we stay home safe.

Teachers are conducting online classes for hours and hours. Even though they might not be…

Using Artificial Intelligence to make robots smarter

Robotics as a concept has been around since a while now. Today, we know robots as machines that we can use to our make work easier. However, we as consumers are evolving and so are our demand patterns. This has forced companies to rapidly evolve in order to remain competitive in the market. Experts suggest that most current robots will soon be outdated due to their inability to operate outside a highly controlled environment. The need of the hour is smart robots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The basic idea of AI problem-solving…

Why you should develop your vocational skills.

You are out of college and ready to step into the world with a degree or two in your hand. The job market is overly competitive. You find it difficult to get your first job. You have strong theoretical knowledge about your field, but you still find it difficult to perform in a way that satisfies both you and the company. What could have helped you in this situation? Your vocational skills. Now, why do you need to develop your vocational skills? Read on.

Vocational skills are first-hand or practical skills that help…

Fake news and its impact on social media

Fake news spreads like wildfire on social media. It has gone as far as impacting Brexit votes in Britain. They have impacted the U.S. presidential election as well. There have been various attempts to curb the spread and weed it out. However, the policy of targeting advertisements affects the most susceptible and vulnerable victims. They fall prey to the fake news and spread the infection. Moreover, they face a hard time differentiating between what’s true and what’s false. They fall prey to it as because they are poorly informed. …


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