Do you want to become a VFX artist?

Were you awestruck by the dragons in Game of Thrones or a spaceship in Star Wars?

In a film, sometimes imagery is created, manipulated, or enhanced for any moving media. This is because it cannot take place live. This is called Visual Effects or VFX, which create realistic-looking environments for the required context. Computer-generated imagery (CGI), and in particular, particular VFX software make it happen. It is important to note that VFX is different from special effects because visual effects require a computer and are added in after shooting. Visual effects artists can be called creative engineers. They may play a more general role or specialize in a particular category, such as characters or backgrounds.

Also called multimedia artists or animators, VFX artists have numerous responsibilities, varying upon his/her the position. Few typical works of a VFX artist are:

Work with a group of animators and artists

Develop storyboards mapping out key scenes in animations

Use computer programs and illustrations for creating graphics and animation

Research upcoming projects to work on creating realistic designs or animations

Editing animations and effects based on feedback from directors, clients or other team members

To become a VFX artist, a degree in the field of Animation, Computer Graphics or Fine Arts will help a lot. You can take up classroom training or graduate certifications in various disciplines within the VFX world to take it as a career. Here are some of the great schools:

Gnomon — School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation

Located in California, United States, it is one of the most prestigious and innovative VFX schools. The School offers a BFA program that focuses on Digital Production, where you will be trained on Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, V-Ray, after effects etc. They also feature a two-year Digital Production certification program and a one-year introductory Foundation in Art & Design program.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University is best for those students who want a well-rounded. Along with visual effects, this university has directing, cinematography, producing, game design, writing, art, music production etc. It is located in Winter Park, Florida

Lost Boys Studios

This institute is located in Vancouver/Montreal, British Columbia. This is an established institute with over twenty years of experience with their alumni working in theatres. They offer from foundational four and five-month certifications in Digital Lighting and Effects to Advanced Visual Compositing and Effects Technical Director (FXTD) diplomas in only twelve months.

Shahjadi Jemim Rahman




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