Experimental learning in NU

Northeastern University’s broad scope of Experiential Learning opportunities helps COS students discover what they want to do – or not do – after graduation. Pathways include our signature Cooperative Education (co-op) program, vast Global Experience offerings, and civic outreach through our Service-Learning platform. Students work with advisors to tailor their experiential education to meet specific learning and personal goals.

Co-operative Education

  • The Cooperative Education Program at Northeastern University (also known as “co-op”)- an educational model that provides students with opportunities to alternate periods of academic study and periods of full-time employment related to their academic majors and interests. NU offers co-ops in a variety of organisations, settings and locations.

Global experiences

  • The Global Cooperative Education Program- provides opportunities for Northeastern students to co-op on all seven continents with foreign and multinational employers, U.S. employers doing business abroad, and other international organisations.

Service learning

Service-learning- opportunities combine academics with civic responsibility, marrying the real needs of society with challenging coursework. Service-learning courses, co-ops, internships, and research assignments engage students in faculty-coordinated service projects. Throughout the projects, students gain insight through formal, structured reflection and gain practical experience while making a difference in society.

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Dawor Deka