Finding Unity in Diversity

2 min readSep 18, 2020


In the present day and age, incorporating a diverse workforce is no more an option; it is a necessity. When a company hires employees from different ethnicities, castes, creeds, religious beliefs, etc., it not only provides the company with a better image but also stimulates innovation and efficiency across the whole workforce. With the world fighting hard against any and all biases set up by the ancient society, opening your company’s doors wide open for people across the spectrum of humanity is of utmost importance.

The advantages of having a diverse workforce are immense. From providing employees with a socially sound work environment to promoting efficiency, the positive impact of diversity is widespread. Foremost, as mentioned above, when people from diverse backgrounds work under one roof, they tend to have varied thoughts and opinions about how the work should be conducted. This brings about a sense of innovation in the workplace which is a key factor when it comes to a company’s upward progression. Furthermore, any problem put on the table in from of a diverse workforce is analysed and perceived differently by the different personalities which tend to bring about a quicker and better solution to the problem. The boost in efficiency is markedly high in companies that find their unity in their diversified workforce.

According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 57% of employees want their workplace to incorporate diversity in terms of the workforce. This survey’s result in itself is an ode to the magnificent changes that the world is seeing in terms of acceptance and tolerance. And that is for very good reasons, too. A diverse pool of employees promotes the incorporation of different talents in the workplace. It is said that that the exponential growth of our learning curve occurs through our peers. So, in a workplace where people from different backgrounds and bags of talent are welcomed, the employees learn new things from each other that make the working environment inclusive, fun and extremely motivational.

The greatest incentive any company should look for while integrating diversity in their workforce should be the fact that it creates a better and more publicly conscious brand image of them in the market. It promotes better work culture, brings in higher profits while becomes a burning torch against traditionally-set biases. But, bringing diversity into the workplace should not be just for the sake of following a trend or fulfilling a quota for the company. It should be for the sake of shouldering the social responsibility to make the world a better and more acceptable place to live in.

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Atreyee Chakraborty