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It’s been a tough past couple of months for all the fitness freaks around the world as we are under home quarantine due to COVID-19. Not being able to go out or hit the gym is the worst feeling ever for the ones who like to exercise regularly and stay fit. Especially for fitness newbies, working-out at home efficiently on their own is tough and can even cause an injury. However, not working out for a long time can cause severe muscle loss and weight gain. So what’s the solution to this problem? It may not seem that big a problem but affects a large number of people.

Northeastern University ‘s researchers through their blog gave a solution to the problem of not being able to go to gyms and fitness centers for fitness consultation and training. Ryan Beauchesne, a well-known fitness trainer from Boston got together a team of well-qualified people from multiple fields having a common passion for fitness to start his fitness consulting firm “Mobility Prescription”. He likes to compare his firm to Uber, the ride-hailing service. Because similar to Uber, his schedule is ever-changing dictated by his client’s need. He may be at a 16-year-old’s house at 5:30 AM and at 7:30 AM, he may be conducting a boot camp for a bunch of oldies at a fitness park. The routines and kinds of training are versatile based upon the need and age of the customer. He trains as young as 13-year-old kids and even people in their 80’s. Some are first time lifters, some are star soccer players. According to Beauchesne, it’s never too late to start a fitness routine. He encourages everyone to stay fit irrespective of their age, gender, and body size.

His team is well equipped with some of them having hundreds of hours of clinical experience of sports medicine, while some being expert weight lifting trainers. Their group takes a holistic approach to sports and nutrition, employing a nutritional consultant while working with a biotechnology company called InsideTracker to analyse its clients’ blood for various biomarkers. Ryan’s firm has proved to be efficient in providing door to door personal fitness consultation and hence, has grown at the rates of knots in the past few years. They try to explore every aspect of an individual’s health and provide the best training possible with the utmost ease at their homes. So if you are stuck with the pandemic and need some fitness consultation, feel free to contact Mobility Prescription. They got it all covered for you.

Luvpreet Singh

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