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How many of you all claim yourself as “Potterhead”? How many of you have actually read the novel? Statistics show that the movie series had eighteen times more viewers than the real novel readers. This discrepancy exists because people have a propensity to prefer graphics over reading long texts. Meanwhile, it seems entirely justified too as who will splurge time focusing on turning pages when you have the luxury of watching it while having popcorns with experiencing fantastic magic visuals.

Some scientific explanations reside behind this general human tendency. It takes the brain just thirteen milliseconds to process and interpret an image. Subsequently, people tend to retain the information they perceived through viewing that pictorial representation. Research shows that a human body can hang on to only ten percent of the knowledge they heard. However, sixty- five percent of facts are in mind after observing it in a picture. In other words, graphics are powerful to raise issues that are important for the human race, for they can comprehend the significance of the problems.

Teachers must make students learn through graphical appearance, considering the astounding effects of images on the human brain. For instance, observe this famous picture below:

The message delivered in this illustration is definitely worth a thousand words. How easily it exhibited the gap between the rich and poor. The first sustainable goal of the United Nations is what focuses on removing that disparity among society. In addition, it longs for equitable distribution of income by allocating adequate resources to each stratum to give everyone an equal opportunity to grow and prosper.

Gaze at the next picture and the powerful message it conveys.

It addresses the United Nation’s twelfth sustainable goal of ensuring sustainable consumption and production. We, humans, are recklessly and tirelessly exploiting the natural resources the recovery of which would be impossible. Hence, following the guidelines of the United Nations and having a creative bend is what the need of the hour is. Graphics are powerful enough to expand ideas and portray what is to happen if we do not work to save the earth and the earthlings.

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