How to maintain a work-life balance?

2 min readOct 2, 2020

Often times, our work precede other parts of over our lives. It may even push us to set aside our own well-being. Thus, creating a work-life balance is critical, not only to improve our physical and mental well-being, but also our career. Work-life balance can be called an equilibrium state one equally prioritizes the demands of his/her career as well as that of personal life. Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life:

Don’t be stuck on being “perfect”

Many have the tendency to develop perfectionism, which might be easier to maintain as a kid. But as you start adulating, responsibilities grow. The key is to let go of the idea of perfectionism. It is important to strive for a realistic schedule and a perfect one.

Health is wealth

You must prioritize your overall health. If somebody struggles with anxiety or depression, he/she must think about therapy and fit those sessions into their schedule. Overworking yourself prevents you from getting better, possibly causing you to take more days off in the future.

Set your work boundaries

To avoid burnout, set boundaries for yourself and your colleagues. Leave your work at the office. You can even consider having a separate computer or phone for work.

Try finding a job you love

If you do not like what you do, you won’t be happy. You don’t need to love every aspect of your job, but it needs to be exciting enough that you don’t dread getting out of bed every morning.

Make time for yourself and your loved ones

Your job shouldn’t be your entire life. Planning time with your loved ones and create a calendar for romantic and family dates. It will ensure that you spend quality time with them without work-life conflict.

Go on a vacation

Unplug by taking a good vacation and shut work completely off for a while. It is important to take time off to physically and mentally recharge.

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Shahjadi Jemim Rahman