Inspire the world, one superhero at a time

There is a superhero for almost every occasion. We have SpiderMan to jump from building to building to save people in need. There is Thor with his hammer the Mjolnir to beat up villains. There is Jessica Jones with her mind control and detective skills. These superheroes work tirelessly. In every story, they save the earth and the earthlings. Save the earth from…? From villains and evil forces from over the Universe.

Let us work together to build superheroes who can battle the ongoing global crises.

So, Superhero U is an event specially curated to battle this urgent need to save the world!

Our planet is facing a massive crisis in all fields. It includes — health, education, wars, and climate change. GlobalShala wants you to create a superhero to save us all from these crises.

We believe that equal access to education and health will resolve 99% of the crises. The reason being it is all a cycle.

Equal education will boost literacy rates. More literacy means better living and better health. Better health would make people want to live longer. Moreover, to live longer, we need to work on climate change. To work on climate change, we need to educate everyone equally and efficiently.

Therefore, equal education will help build a healthier and sustainable earth.

Superhero U is also inspired by the United Nations’s mission statement — “to promote prosperity while protecting the planet”. It inspires people to:

  • Promote a better quality of living for everyone.

Superhero U wants to create an equal and sustainable world. So do you feel as inspired as us? You can make the UN mission statement come true. Alongside, you will get the chance to win $50,000 worth of prizes while saving the world?

Participate in SuperheroU and make your superhero having extraordinary powers. Give shape to your imagination and help find innovative solutions to fatal problems the world is facing.

Manavi Pandey

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