INVITATION: Technology is calling for education @Pandemic

Waking up with half-eyed open and checking for notifications has become our routine now. Having meals with earphones plugged with our teacher’s voice is all we do till evening. Can you imagine what would have happened to the education if this pandemic would have occurred two decades back? Thankfully, it isn’t the case, and we are grateful enough to get an education while sitting quarantined inside our homes. The era of the internet has ultimately supplemented the technology’s integration with learning.

Technology integration with education can be defined as introducing technology as the medium of imparting knowledge. If experts are to be believed, the development in the education system is unswervingly related to the advancement and utilization of tech-based applications and software. The more we dig with a high-tech shovel, the superior would be the capacity, productivity, and performance of the students. New teaching methods with this supplementary tool help the teachers multi-task with appealing features. The audio-video presentation betters the level of comprehension and grasping. Mulling over the student’s perspective, it aids them in evaluating their progress. It also assists them in remaining accountable for the obligations they are entitled to.

However, the adoption of fully technology-based education isn’t the way to heaven. It should be reckoned that there isn’t any perfect substitute for in-class learning. Audio and visuals may do a bit but can’t beat the feel of teachers and peers present physically. Screen education may hamper schedules and bring severe illnesses, including back and neck pain, weakness of eye-sight, and obesity too. Adding to miseries, third-world countries aren’t too familiar with artificial intelligence. Orientation here is thus a much longer procedure than it seems to be.

This pandemic has emerged out to be the blessing in disguise for the amalgamation of technology in the education sector. At least half of the population in the world has placed hands on this, and healthy participation of computer-based education may soon turn out to be a new normal.

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Harminder Singh




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