Know Your Women Leaders — Falguni Nayar

Giving up a secure job to pursue one’s passion has always been deemed risky and unnecessary. However, it has been proved time and again that success is achieved only by those people who embrace risks. They think big enough to side-step and live through those risks. Falguni Nayar — the charismatic founder and CEO of the beauty giant, Nykaa, proved exactly this to all those who criticised her idea and tried hard to become obstacles in her path to entrepreneurial success, establishing beyond a doubt that age and gender have no power against will and determination.

The Leap of Faith

It was in the year 2012 that she gave up her cushy job at the Kotak Mahindra group. She then established the first-ever E-commerce, multi-brand retailer for all things beauty and self-care in India. And hence, the beauty magnate, Nykaa, was born. Born out of the sheer will, determination, and hard work of a single woman with an unadulterated passion for bringing the best of beauty and self-care to the fellow women of her country.

The Success Story

Nayar stresses the need for women to come out of their shells and be confident about handling both professional and personal lives with equal panache. She says that if a woman with strong determination and will power aims to do something, she will definitely achieve it. In the world and day where makeup was severely criticised, Falguni Nayar managed to be the revolution that Nykaa symbolises.

Atreyee Chakraborty

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