Relatable University Moments

Our lives go on in phases. Each phase has its significance and its flavour. However, we all have heard and most of us have experienced that our late teen years and the early twenties are the most joyful and at the same time most intense years of our lives. All of these feelings are just because it’s the time we go to our college and universities. We enter a new world altogether which is completely different from the one we had been living in till then. From exploring the university campuses to taking part in various societies, we feel that sense of freedom and empowering in a kind that wasn’t there while we were at our schools. Getting to know people and making new friends is arguably the best part of the university lives. Let’s check out some relatable moments from university days:


One of the things that make students anxious is exploring the college campus as soon as they get in. College gives us the exposure to many new things to engage in. It helps us find our passion and even our guilty pleasure sometimes.


The lunchbox which was our best friend all our school lives gets a break from its routine. Sitting in the canteen with the gang and ordering multiple things just to dig in each other’s plates becomes our daily ritual.


We start going to events and fests in our or other colleges. Fest season is one of the best times of the year for college students. Those fun games and amazing star nights give us tons of memories to cherish all our lives.


Sleepovers, parties, group projects, trips, etc. are the little things that add up to make the best of the friendships of our lives. Times spent with our friends in college have a special place in our hearts throughout our lives.


As college commences, we all are determined to attend every lecture all day. However, that determination is long lost very soon. Once you bunk a lecture, there’s no going back from there. The attendance goes down quicker somehow while you enjoy the best of your time with your friends.


In the middle of a college day, no news comes better than the news of a class getting cancelled. It instantly leads to making of plans and ideas for students to enjoy the time hanging out and chilling with their friends.

University/college plays a huge role in shaping our future the way we want. It helps us in making decisions that will have greater impacts when we go out in the professional world. As fun and amazing college life seems, it is equally important to learn and embrace our skills in it so that we can make the most out of it.

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Luvpreet Singh