Superhero U: Participate and Empower

In 2015, the United Nations designed a collection of 17 global goals as the “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. These are called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are primarily economic goals. The aim is to achieve sustainable cities, reduced inequalities amongst countries, responsible consumption and clean and affordable energy for everyone. Now, GlobalShala has come up with a unique and first of its kind competition called Superhero U to bring attention to these Goals. Participants have to invent a “Superhero” who, for instance, takes on universal challenges. He strives to make the world a better place. These brave Superheroes will help the world reach the Sustainable Development goals. The competition is inspired by the UN’s mission, which gives creative powers to heroes. Superhero U aims to tackle the 5 P’s of the SDGs, which includes People, Prosperity, Planet, Partnerships, and Peace.

How this event will bring attention to the Sustainable Development Goals?

  • Secondly, in this out-of-the-box competition, individuals will invent their version of the Superhero who is concerned for the environment and wants to conserve, protect and restore life on land as well as underwater.
  • The third point is that created Superheroes will relate to society. He aims to reduce poverty and hunger. Thus, it will bring to notice the ongoing world challenges.
  • Fourthly, this Superhero is someone who believes in education for all genders. The competition will bring forward several such issues. It will help people understand the responsibilities of their actions.
  • Very importantly, the Superhero is not biased. He loves everyone and promotes peaceful and inclusive collaboration of communities.
  • Lastly, the Superhero wants people to realize their role. He wants people to take an active part in strengthening, developing and implementing these goals together as one.

With this competition, GlobalShala adds an element of intrigue and enthusiasm for individuals. It also helps them realise their creative potential. In the end, individuals will learn their responsibilities and try to take up these sustainability practices.

The competition will help you in empowering your mind and broadening your views. Added bonus is that it offers exciting prizes such as cash, gadgets, internships, scholarships etc. You can participate and create a version of an ideal world. Here are some of the resources you should check out before joining: Resources that might make you win!

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Inspire the world, one superhero at a time “.

To know more about the competition, visit GlobalShala.

Shahjadi Jemim Rahman

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