Tips to build a sustainable business

  1. A business of producing eco-friendly cleaning products
  2. Sustainable event-planning agencies
  3. Organic food retailoring
  4. Opening eco-friendly restaurants
  5. Establishing renewable energy-generating wind farms
  6. Factories of solar (energy conserving) panels
  7. Plant delivery service
  8. Open used libraries (recycling old books)
  9. An Eco-friendly travel planning agency
  10. Recycled garment boutique
  1. The website Flygen has adopted a commendable effort to encourage people to buy CO2 emission-free flights.
  2. IKEA has established more than 700,000 solar panels and later started to sell solar plans to its UK customers.
  3. Prolific LA brand like Christy Dawn makes garments from deadstock fabrics.
  4. Food brands like Beyond Meat, PepsiCo, and wine brands such as Brown-Forman use climate-sensitive ingredients in their products.
  5. Organisations like General Mills, Xylem contribute significantly to the sustainability of water usage.




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