Unsung heroes of the Pandemic

2 min readDec 7, 2020

Who are the unsung heroes of the pandemic?

COVID-19 has led to such great realisations that never crossed our minds before. The whole world is going through the same stream of emotional turbulence and stress! The world has become deafeningly, quiet and numb.

Right from your milkman to the delivery executives, we are living off in comfort because of these unsung heroes. Vendors, plumbers, police, and service workers are working day and night at the frontlines of this pandemic battle, while we stay home safe.

Teachers are conducting online classes for hours and hours. Even though they might not be an expert with technicalities, they are trying hard to manage a routine and teach the students so that they don’t miss out on their education. Those teachers who had never thought of education without a physical classroom, it has not been easy for them but fighting against all the odds, they are conducting regular tests and taking classes as scheduled. Imagine sitting for an hour in front of your laptop attending a seminar? Tiresome, right?

Doctors and nurses have immensely dedicated their service to the patients ensuring a safe and a sanitised environment. They are trying their level best to keep us healthy, both, mentally and physically. I remember, in October, a video of an ENT surgeon from Silchar, Assam went viral where he was dancing to a Bollywood number. This proves how, despite such difficulties, doctors are trying to keep themselves and the patients in a positive environment. Wearing the PPE kit 24 hours and working constantly is no joke!

The house helpers are also playing a vital role in this Pandemic. There is a whole new order of occupations for caregivers who must keep the home as safe and sanitise for their loved ones. House helpers play more critical roles such as providing emotional support; accompanying medical appointments; giving medication; keeping track of medicines and test results; providing physical care (for example, feeding, dressing and bathing); helping to access the necessary care; keeping everyone informed and so on. But despite their crucial roles, they often lack recognition and support.

Despite all the problems, these heroes have come up with various ideas to make our lives as easy as possible. It is good to see that kindness and awareness is emerging in multiple colours and formats, but once normalcy is restored. If we fail to remember these heroes, we will do injustice to humanity and humankind.

Shabana Ahmed